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We understand that it can be hard to ask for help, especially when it looks like everyone else already can drive. Don't worry! We will get you there!

Driving lessons are 55 minutes long. Most students usually take 1 to 4 lessons with us, and practice with others at home. Keep scrolling for more information on lessons and what to expect.

You have to have a valid permit or license from another country to take lessons. To schedule a lesson, call us at (360)642-0050

Am I eligible to take driving lessons?

You have to have a valid permit from any US state, or a license from another country. We can't give you a temporary permit for driving lessons. You need to bring the permit or license with you :)

If you don't have an instruction permit, find out how to get one by clicking here!

How much does it cost?

A lesson lasts 55 minutes and costs $50.

We ask that you pay for driving lessons when you book them. We don't have "bundles" or discounts because every driver is different. We want you to take only the lessons you need.

You get the most out of our lessons if you let us teach you skills, practice them a few times, and then work on those skills with someone else at home, like a friend or family member. This way, you spend less money

How many lessons will I need?

We can't tell for sure until we do your first driving lesson. Most students need 1-4 lessons with us, if they have someone to practice with at home after each lesson. If you are new to driving, and don't have anyone to practice with besides these lessons, you may need 7-10 lessons to drive confidently by yourself.


What should I expect in my driving lesson?

We start by asking you what you want to work on. Do you want to learn the fundamentals of driving? Are there certain skills you want to get better at? Do you just want to prepare for the driving test?

We will customize the lesson to suit your needs, and as we go along we may teach you some extra skills that we think you need to work on. We'll repeat the skills 3-4 times or more during the lesson, depending on how much help you need. Our instructors will tell you honestly what you need to improve, and give you advice for your next lesson or driving exam.

Don't forget, you will learn much more after you get your driver's license. Lessons are meant to show you the basics, explain some advanced ideas, and make you feel confident behind the wheel.

What if I have a lot of anxiety?

Tell us! We are experts in helping nervous drivers. We say to the teen drivers on their first day, if you can stay in your lane, and keep enough distance from the car ahead of you, then you have learned 80% of driving and can prevent most crashes. You can do it!

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