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What is needed to start drivers ed?

The minimum age for the third class is 15 years old. But we suggest that your teen is 15 or older by the first class. You can skip some classes, but you have to make up for them later, and you don't want to lag behind.

These courses are for people who are 15-17 years old. If you are 18 or older, you can take private lessons instead of this course.

What does the course consist of?

Teen driving courses fulfill the state rule for 16 and 17 year olds to obtain their driver license. The course includes 34 hours of classroom instruction, (5) 1-hour driving sessions, and one lesson observation. Teens have to pass the course final test and the skills test to get a course completion. The full course requirements are listed below.



Student attendance - You need 30 hours of classroom instruction, 5 hours of driving practice, 1 hour of watching another student's drive (this is not required now because of the governor's emergency orders), 4 hours of Driver ZED simulation training. You are absent if you are more than 10 minutes late to class. You have to make up for any missed classes to complete the 34 hours, and you have to go to the same classroom session that you skipped (let us know to arrange this). If you are unable to go to the same classroom session that you skipped, you can do other classroom lessons in our office instead, but you cannot do more than 6 hours of these alternative lessons during the course

Parent attendance - Come to the Parent Session (the 2nd hour of Class session #4). This is not required, but very helpful. If a parent is absent, the student has to go instead to get attendance credit.

Driving Lessons:

Driving lessons aren't part of the classroom sessions, and usually goes on after the last classroom session. Most students complete the course in around 7-8 weeks.

Driving Practice:

Student - Practice driving for at least 2 hours every week. To improve your skills, apply what you learned.
Parent - Support the drive lesson concepts with driving practice weekly. Students benefit the most from driver's ed when they make new skills into lasting habits. This only happens with driving practice! 


You need at least 80% on a test to pass. All test answers are in our workbook! If you fail test #1, #2, or #3 with less than 80%, you have to do a make-up test. You have to get 80% or more on the final exam to finish the course.

Course Completion:

You have to finish all course requirements in 30 to 100 days. Students who don't pass the final exam, don't finish the course requirements on time, don't pass the driving skills review, don't pay the full tuition by class session #4, or don't get a permit by class session #4 will be kicked out of the program with no refund. You may get an extension to finish the course, but it depends on your situation and you may have to pay extra for driving lessons that are late. Most students are done in 7-8 weeks.

You can't use personal electronic devices in the classroom or the car. Students have to behave in a mature and proper way in all instruction places, like the classroom, office, parking area of school location, and during drive lessons. Students or parents who act inappropriately, disrupt learning, are rude, or damage school property may be kicked out of the program with no refund. I-5 Driving School will decide what behavior is rude and inappropriate.

Weapons, alcohol, drugs, and related items are not allowed in our offices, grounds, classroom, and cars. Students who have or show these items will be kicked out of the program with no refund.

Enrollment Criteria:

You need to be 15 years old to sign up for the course. You can join the traffic safety education course until the 3rd classroom session starts, if there is room in the classroom. You have to make up for any classes you miss to successfully finish the course. 

Audio/Video Recording:

We may record sound and video of the student drives and classroom sessions. This is to make our teaching better, and to keep the student and the instructor safe. The recordings are only for the Driving Academy staff, and will not be shown or shared with anyone else, unless the court says so. By doing this course and agreeing to this policy on the paper form of this policy, you are saying yes to sound and video recording during the drive times and/or classroom times.



Refunds - You can get your deposit and tuition fees back if you cancel at least 48 hours before the first classroom session that you signed up for. If you change classes, you can move your deposit and tuition fees to the new class if you let us know within 48 hours before the first classroom session

Fees- The course costs $550. You have to let the main office know at least 24 hours before your drive if you want to change it. You have to buy an extra lesson if you skip a lesson, are more than 5 minutes late, don't have a valid permit for the lesson, or don't tell us within 24 hours before the drive (because you forgot, cancelled late, didn't have a valid permit, were sick before the drive, etc). The first and second extra drive lessons are $60.00 each, and any more extra drive lessons are $100.00 each. You have to pay for these extra lessons before you change your schedule.

Both the student and the parent/guardian of the student (if under 18 years old) have to sign a paper form of this document before the first driving lesson. Students who don't sign and give this document to I-5 Driving School can't do a driving lesson. The class fee has to be paid in full before you can do any drive lessons unless you made other plans with us. 

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